Images of Very Important People in New Jersey

during the Revolution.


William Livingstone, First Governor of the state of New Jersey, elected in 1776, and re-elected EVERY year until his death in 1790 . Elected governor 14 times is some kind of record!



His Excellency, General George Washington. May His Immortal Name never fade!


Richard Stockton ( Statue at the Capital Building), signer of the Declaration. Stockton was captured and mistreated by the British, and forced to sign loyality papers to King George III. He signed abjuration papers after his release, but was considered a broken and sick man. He died of cancer during the war.

Signer of the Declaration of Independence for NJ, creator of the first "Stars and Stripes" flag, approved by the Admiralty Committee of the Continental Congress, June 14th, 1777.

William Alexander, "Lord Stirling", Major General under Washington, from Basking Ridge, NJ.


John Witherspoon, signer of the Declaration, President of Princeton University, politican.



An artist conception of what Signer John Hart MAY have looked like, based on pictures of his grandchildren, and their family resemblence. Hart would have been older than this drawing during the war. He was known as "Honest John", and was in his sixties when the war started. See my web page on John Hart



General Mercer, mortally wounded at the Battle of Princeton, for whom Mercer county is named.

Major General Philemon Dickerson, leading General of the Militia of New Jersey. His home was used as the advance post by the Hessians while at Trenton.

Major General Nathaniel Greene- One of Washington's best generals, who also acted as Quarter Master General for a couple of years, while the Army was in New Jersey.


Major General Sullivan, one of Washington's generals, who lead the march into the Iroqouis country in 1779, which included the New Jersey Brigade.


Jane McCrea, daughter of Bedminster Preacher James McCrea, who was killed by the Indians while going to meet her fiance', a British officer with Burgoyne'. The outrage from this event - even Loyalist were targets- was used in bringing the settlers of upstate New York forward to oppose the British advance, which resulted in their defeat at Saratoga.


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